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Lil Bucks sprouted buckwheat recipes and gluten free snacks

Lil Bucks vs Clusterbucks... what's the difference?

We know, we talk about a lot of bucks around here, so we’ll help you pick what’s best for you :)

Lil Bucks are sprouted buckwheat. Clusterbucks are crunchy superfood clusters

Frequently Asked Questions

The real question is, why isn’t the entire United States sprinkling crunchy buckwheat goodness on their brekky every morning? Shouldn’t the buckwheat flower be our national flower or something? What is our national flower? Anyways, here’s the deal: sprouted buckwheat seeds add this addictive crunch you really won’t find anywhere else—not from baked granolas or any kind of nut. We love crunch, so this is important. Beyond the crunch, let’s talk HEALTH: “superfood” doesn’t have an official definition, but buckwheat defines it. It’s a gluten-free, grain-free FRUIT SEED (yup) that’s high in plant-based protein, fiber, antioxidants (some studies say 10x more than quinoa), magnesium and more. Learn about all the buckwheat benefits here, and why we process buckwheat the way we do to make Lil Bucks.

TL;DR: We are obsessed with buckwheat because it’s amazing for humans and the planet, it’s versatile and it tastes amazing. 

We hear you - the word “buckwheat” is confusing because it actually does not contain any wheat at all! It’s a grain-free FRUIT SEED more closely related to rhubarb and strawberries than actual wheat.

Fun fact - the word is thought to have come from the Dutch wordboecweite, AKA “beech wheat". The triangular buckwheat seeds reminded the Dutch of the larger but also triangular beech nuts from the beech tree, and then the use for these seeds is similar to a grain so wheat came into play. We decided to name our company Lil Bucks to drop the wheat from buckwheat and just call ‘em bucks! And they’re cute ‘lil seeds, so hence “Lil”. 😉

Yup! Technically buckwheat seeds are fruit seeds coming from a flowering plant. They are gluten-free and grain-free, and thus make a great substitute for grains for those following a paleo or mostly grain-free diet. We are careful to only source other paleo ingredients when formulating our products to make this a great option for paleo and gluten free eaters!