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Buckwheat 101

As America’s buckwheat brand, we feel it’s our duty to give you everything you need to know about our favorite lil seed.

But let’s first get one myth out of the way: Buckwheat is a FRUIT SEED, not a grain!

Buckwheat is not a grain!

It’s true. Buckwheat is a seed that comes from the buckwheat flower, and is more closely related to strawberries and rhubarb than actual wheat! That’s why we dropped “wheat” from our brand name Lil Bucks. (The “Lil” is just there because the seeds are cute, and, well, lil’)

Buckwheat Health Benefits

Buckwheat Health Benefits: Buckwheat complete amino acid protein

Complete Amino Acid Plant-Based Protein (6g per serving)

Buckwheat Health Benefits: heart health benefits

Low glycemic and can help regulate blood sugar

Buckwheat Health Benefits: high in prebiotic fiber for a healthy gut

Prebiotic fiber for gut health (5g per serving)

Buckwheat Health Benefits: 10 times more antioxidants than quinoa

Rich source of Rutin, a heart-healthy antioxidant

Buckwheat Health Benefits: paleo friendly, is buckwheat gluten free? yes. buckwheat is grain free too.

Gluten-free and grain-free

Buckwheat Health Benefits: buckwheat contains 25% of your daily value of magnesium, which is good for focus and sleep.

25% Daily Value of Magnesium, shown to help sleep and focus

The plant-based protein and prebiotic fiber will keep you feeling satisfied and energized, but the benefits run even deeper:

• Low Glycemic Index: 55 (great for managing blood sugar)

• One study even shows that buckwheat has 10x more antioxidants than quiona!

• Buckwheat is especially great for pre- and post-natal nutrition. Learn more in our blog post here.

Buckwheat Planet Benefits

The buckwheat story gets better and better. Buckwheat is not only amazing for humans but also the planet. We partner with American farmers, and a regenerative one in particular, to improve soil health in North America!

Our Mission & Farm Partnership

Eat Buckwheat for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert!

Swipe to see our top five recipes on the website. So many delicious ways to enjoy sprouted buckwheat!

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