Lil Bucks sprouted buckwheat brand founder Emily with Lil Bucks

It all started with a life changing Acai bowl...

It’s as millennial as it sounds. Our founder Emily first enjoyed sprouted buckwheat seeds as a grain-free granola replacement at a cafe in Australia. And the rest is history.

From our Founder

Hola !

My buckwheat love story starts by the beach in Sydney, Australia. A lush cafe served me an açaí bowl topped with sprouted buckwheat seeds instead of a sugary granola, and I immediately became obsessed with the seed’s unique crunch factor, and how amazing I felt after eating them.

It became an obsession

…Seriously, I felt so amazing that I had to learn everything about this superfood—a gluten-free and grain-free fruit seed containing plant-based protein and prebiotic fiber. How is America not already obsessed with it?!

I moved back to America for love (and we are engaged now!). From that point on it became my mission to share the love of buckwheat with other crunch-lovin’ Americans that also want to feel their best.

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The Highlight Reel

It’s been a nonstop adventure since launching America’s first sprouted buckwheat brand at a Chicago fitness festival in 2018. Since then, Emily turned a side hustle into a full time business with a team, navigating a pandemic while launching into Whole Foods, and we are now growing with multiple product lines. We have our amazing customers to thank for the support!

Improving soil health

The buckwheat story gets better and better. Buckwheat is not only amazing for humans but also the planet. We partner with American farmers, and a regenerative one in particular, to improve soil health in North America!

Our Mission & Farm Partnership

Fun fact

Buckwheat is a FRUIT SEED, not a grain, that is more closely related to rhubarb and strawberries than actual wheat!

Buckwheat 101