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Lil Bucks sprouted buckwheat brand founder Emily with Lil Bucks

Haven't we all enjoyed a life-changing acai bowl??

Okay maybe it's just our founder Emily... But she really did have a life-changing açaí bowl in 2016 while living in Australia. The cafe used ✨sprouted buckwheat seeds✨ as a grain-free granola replacement, and THE BUCK-WILD OBSESSION BEGAN.

Addictive crunch + satisfying, low glycemic energy + sustainable crop = Sprouted Buckwheat Fan 4 LIFE


Given buckwheat's typical uses, my buckwheat story starts in an unlikely place: by the beach in Sydney, Australia, at a lush health food cafe.

Buckwheat has been around for centuries and is a key ingredient in many cultural staples, from soba noodles in Japan to kasha in Ukraine, even to really dense buckwheat pancakes here in the U.S.

I grew up in an Italian/Irish household in the Midwest, and while I was really into superfoods as an athlete (protein brownies? hi.), buckwheat was definitely NOT on my radar.

Leave it to the Aussies to find a way to unlock the insane macro- and micro-nutrients naturally found in buckwheat, while making it addictively crunchy and delicious. 🙏

They used the sprouted-and-dehydrated seeds as a crunchy topper on my açaí bowl, and the rest is history...

An obsession gone buck-wild

I LOVED the sprouted buckwheat crunch, especially contrasted to the cold, creamy açaí. 🤤

But it was how amazing I felt after eating this—sustained energy for hours with no sugar crash—that sparked a lifelong buckwheat obsession.

Naturally this obsession evolved into a crusade to create the "Quaker Oats of Buckwheat" here in the U.S.

I'm honored to have spent over half a decade sharing the love of this fruit seed, creating opportunities for American farmers to grow this soil health powerhouse.

Thank you to those who have supported us, and if you're new here, WELCOME TO YOUR NEW OBSESSION!

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The Highlight Reel

It’s been a nonstop adventure since launching America’s first sprouted buckwheat brand at a Chicago fitness festival in 2018. Since then, Emily turned a side hustle into a full time business with a team, navigating a pandemic while launching into Whole Foods, and we are now growing with multiple product lines. We have our amazing customers to thank for the support!

Improving soil health

The buckwheat story gets better and better. Buckwheat is not only amazing for humans but also the planet. We partner with American farmers, and a regenerative one in particular, to improve soil health in North America!

Our Mission & Farm Partnership

Fun fact

Buckwheat is a FRUIT SEED, not a grain, that is more closely related to rhubarb and strawberries than actual wheat!

Buckwheat 101