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ELAVI x Lil Bucks

Introducing: ELAVI's Blueberry Vanilla Crisp Bar, made with Lil Bucks Sprouted Buckwheat!

These two women-owned brands teamed up to to create a crunchy, shelf-stable bar that is completely soy-free and dairy free.

ELAVI, a woman-owned clean protein brand, was on the hunt for a soy-free CRUNCH for their Blueberry Crisp bar...

Elavi and Lil Bucks protein bar with sprouted buckwheat groats

Elavi and Lil Bucks protein bar with sprouted buckwheat groats

close up of bar with bite in it of Elavi and Lil Bucks protein bar with sprouted buckwheat groats

They found the perfect crunch, that extended the shelf life and added even more protein: sprouted buckwheat!

By sourcing with Lil Bucks, ELAVI could trust the quality and commitment to sustainable sourcing, while supporting another woman-owned business.


MEET: ELAVI Blueberry Crisp

The perfect pre-workout boost, morning snack, or midday treat that is fitness trainer approved! At just 110 calories, these mini collagen bars pack in 8g of clean protein and a satisfying crunch to keep you full for hours with no bloat ingredients. Use code BUCKINHERE for 15% off!

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Look at those Nutritionals!

Because ELAVI is made with REAL, whole food ingredients (like sprouted buckwheat 😉), you're left with a bar that packs strong flavor while leaving you satisfied and energized.

What's the taste? Think: Blueberry Muffin Vibes paired with a crispy crunch from Lil Bucks organic sprouted buckwheat 🙌

Light & refreshing, with real blueberries and creamy cashew butter to deliver a melt-in-your-mouth texture 🤤

The Magic When Two Woman-Owned Businesses Partner!

Nikki & Michelle, co-founders of functional decadent snack brand ELAVI ✨

Emily, founder of America's buckwheat brand, Lil Bucks 🏄

Love for Blueberry Crisp Bars