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Buckwheat (and Clusterbucks) Made the Whole Foods' Top 10 Food Trends for 2024!!

Posted on October 25 2023, By: Emily, Founder

Buckwheat (and Clusterbucks) Made the Whole Foods' Top 10 Food Trends for 2024!!

Whole Foods Market shared their iconic Top 10 Food Trends report, predicting what will happen in 2024... and THE TIME HAS COME!! BUCKWHEAT MADE THE LIST 🥳 ...with Chocolate Sea Salt Clusterbucks featured of course!

Whole Foods Top 10 Food Trends for 2024

I've been hustling to make America fall in love with buckwheat for over half a decade. Most of our early business was at markets and with many of y'all online here. But I knew we had to get in grocery stores to take off in the way I envisioned (making all of America fall in love with buckwheat is no small task).

March 2020 was a dream come true: we launched the Lil Bucks line into the Whole Foods Midwest region.

March 2020 - Lil Bucks line launches in Whole Foods

As you can imagine, the universe had other plans.🤪 For a product that mainly relied on sampling so people could experience the buckwheat crunch before buying, the pandemic was NOT ideal.

Usually, with big retailers, if something doesn't work, you are OUT, and that's it. But Whole Foods continued to believe in my buck-wild vision for buckwheat and brought in Clusterbucks a year later!

Chocolate Sea Salt Clusterbucks

Running a growing small biz is always hard, but through a pandemic, global supply chain issues, and lack of funding for women-owned businesses, among other things... there were plenty of signs that I should stop.

But I feel like I was PUT ON EARTH to spread the love of sprouted buckwheat in America. And I'll be damned if I miss my favorite *fruit seed's* time in the spotlight!

Finally seeing "buckwheat" in the Top 10 Food Trends for 2024 is a huge milestone. It feels like we're just getting started, which is wild. THANK YOU to many of y'all for believing in us and supporting us all these years.

Thanks to you trendsetters who were always buckwheat stans, we got some pretty epic things coming up for y'all in 2024!!!!

Midwest homies, you can celebrate by grabbing a bag at your Whole Foods... and maybe more of you can soon, too! 👀 🛒 Can't wait to share more 🤗


P.S. Funny enough, the Lil Bucks sprouted buckwheat crunch line has always sold more than Clusterbucks online. Its time in the sun will come!


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