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5 Best Vegan Yogurts on Mylk Guys! (That go great with Lil Bucks)

Posted on February 16 2022, By: Emily Griffith

5 Best Vegan Yogurts on Mylk Guys! (That go great with Lil Bucks)
We are thrilled to announce that we recently launched Lil Bucks and Clusterbucks on the most fabulous ONLINE + VEGAN grocery store (and yes, they ship fresh and frozen products, too!). MYLK Guys sells an impressive variety of brands disrupting the game, and we are honored to be a part of their store. 

If there’s anything you take away from this, it’s this: You can now buy your fave vegan yogurts alongside Lil Bucks and have them delivered straight to your home. I mean, what more do you need?! (maybe lunch and dinner? Nah. Time to live off the best vegan yogurts and lil bucks foreva). 

To help you decide what yogurts to try (sooo many yum options), we ranked our top 5 vegan yogurts from the store so you can purchase the yogurt AND Lil Bucks and get to crunchin’. 


For you tart-lovin pre- AND pro-biotic fans out there, Lavva is a fabulous choice, with flavors ranging from Raspberry to Blueberry to Pineapple and more. Lavva is women-owned and NONE of their yogurts contain added sugar (#bless. It’s what the people want!). There’s also no gums, whitening agents, and carrageenan commonly found in some vegan yogurts. The the cute lil yogurt cups scream #vibez and let me tell you, Lil Bucks is feelin’ those vibez.

I’ve tried all their flavors and honestly enjoy Matcha Lil Bucks the most with Lavva — just because they both exude unique, next-level nutrient-packed flavors. The Matcha isn’t too sweet and balances delightfully with the not-too-sweetness of the Lavva. Get after it, kids.

2. Culina

Speaking of #vibez, let’s talk about Culina – floral-forward flavors served in a damn planter. It’s the cutest. And the best. I am personally not as much of a fan of extreme tart-ness (very controversial opinion but not the biggest Coconut Cult Fan THERE I SAID IT. But 110% support eating Lil Bucks with Coconut Cult if that’s your thing). Culina, to me, tastes the most like a regular yogurt… I’ve even given it to non-vegan eaters to try and they actually prefer the taste over regular yogurt! That’s when you know you got a winner that can make a real difference in our landscape as the USA tries to eat more sustainably.

Culina is another women-led company, which we LOVE. I highly recommend the sampler pack so you can try all the magic, but my personal favorite combo is the classic Bourbon Vanilla with Cacao Lil Bucks. Hashtag YUM.

3. Forager Cashewgurt

Okay I may have spoke too soon when I said Culina has a vegan yogurt that tastes most-similar to regular yogurt. Can this be a tie?! Forager also brings us cashew yogurts made rich and creamy for a healthy indulgence. It has slightly more sugar than Culina (12g vs. 9g) but if you’re looking for your new fave vegan yogurt (or even dessert), you gotta give Forager a try. Make it the most super-treat of all by throwing some Clusterbucks on this yogurt (which is best straight out of the fridge… superrrr cold cashewgurt, YES PLS.)

4. Kite Hill Almond Milk Yogurt

When you’re feelin’ like something a little more thick, Kite Hill Almond Milk Yogurt has your back. While all the flavors from this O.G. vegan yogurt brand are lovely, I am personally most excited about their Greek Yogurt line (which you can get on Mylk Guys). When it comes to food, I’m a texture person (hence why I started an entire food brand based on my obsession with crunch). The Kite Hill Greek Yogurt is a must for your vegan fans that still want something a little thicker. So happy they came out with this!

5. Le Grand

Last but not least, women-led brand Le Grand is crankin’ out vegan yogurts made from 100% REAL ingredients (no gums etc.), including RICE. I have no idea how this is even made but I am not mad about it. I think it’s the cacao butter in their yogurts that gets me. Sooooo delightful. Naturally, all their flavors in my opinion go excellent with Cacao Lil Bucks. I’m a chocolate person, though, so that might be why this yogurt reallyyyyy gets me…

We also have to give an honorary shout-out to our (Chicago-based!) friends, Mush Overnight Oats, which are all made with almond #mylk. Even though they aren’t a yogurt, Lil Bucks still goes great with them for a filling, protein-packed and vegan breakfast. It’s a fave and the founders are bada$$. 

Okay, thanks for reading an extremely detailed and unrefined review of some of the best vegan yogurts out there. We all know these all go fabulously with Lil Bucks. Get them all on Mylk Guys. Run, don’t walk. ?️?️?️?


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