This year, for Small Business Saturday, we’re actually celebrating all week long with seven other amazing food brands changing the game:

And now, I want you to MEET THE BOSSES BEHIND THE BIZ! It’s always cool when you get to work with people you admire, and I’m so stoked to collab with all these bada$$ founders for this whole week to celebrate #SmallBusinessSaturday! We truly are stronger when we hold each other up and I am grateful to have met and learned from all these women.

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1. Snow Monkey Ice Cream

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Rachel Geicke has been no stranger to the world of business. She started her first business in the entertainment industry at 16, turning a profit and leveraging that experience in her future endeavors. She ultimately ended up at Boston University where the first batches of Snow Monkey were created in her college apartment. Being an athlete Rachel truly understand the power of food as functional fuel and is now set out on a mission to change the way we indulge and think when it comes to food as fuel.


2. Kween & Co.

Ali Bonar is CEO and Co-Founder of Kween, a San Diego-based food company that makes Granola Butter: the world’s first spreadable granola. While studying nutrition at UC Berkeley, Ali developed an eating disorder — and started her Instagram account @avokween to document her recovery and journey to self-love. Ali resides in San Diego with her boyfriend and ball of fluff, Squishy.


3. Tiger Butter Co.

Tiger Butter Co. was born in 2018, after the founder, Kristen, was struggling with numerous health issues and allergies. There were many foods that she was unable to digest so Kristen felt extremely restricted, and food was no longer enjoyable. For a period of time she stayed away from certain foods like nuts and seeds to heal her health issues, but was missing out on her usual snacks including nut butter. Kristen began playing around in the kitchen with tiger nuts, and she created what would soon be Tiger Butter. After three months of making this treat for herself, she realized how many other people were feeling restricted while following protocols for health issues, and started selling Tiger Nut Butter!


4. Amazi Foods

In April of 2016, Renee boarded a plane back to Uganda. Having studied abroad and conducting her thesis research there in college, Renee was struck by the rich agricultural sector and bounty of organic fruits bursting with tropical flavors, but even more so, by the degree to which these were left untapped. Seeing the piles of fruit lying in stands on the street, she realized a disconnect in our supply chains – even in the shift toward ethical sourcing, we were still reenforcing a disconnect in the supply chain. Those at the farm level were disconnected from the final product, and often, these communities experienced high unemployment, lack of industry or innovation, not to mention food waste. Inspired in part by her own search for clean-label but not-boring snacks, she embarked on a mission to build sustainable, inclusive supply chains through her Made-in-Uganda Snacks.


5. Swapples

Rebecca started Swapples in 2015 because she wanted to combine her childhood love for mini waffles and, ironically, real food. In dealing with autoimmune disorders and allergies, she was having a hard time finding allergen-friendly, vegetable-based breakfast options – so she created her own yuca waffles to make life easier…. and she’s literally eaten one every day since.


6. Nosh Bars

Michele Lockhart is CEO and Founder of nosh bar, a Philly-based snack bar company. A life-long athlete, Michele realized how important food was to performance – on and off the field. After spending a year eating mostly only what she grew on her 20’x25’ garden plot, she realized whole foods made her feel best. Nosh bar was born out of a desire to keep on the go snacking and pre-workout fuel made with just the good stuff.


7. Revival Food Co.

Revival Food Co had its start 5 years ago out of Rachel’s home kitchen after experiencing her own health revival, following decades of being a contemporary dancer and disordered eating. Peanut and almond butter had always been a staple for her, but she was now realizing how unimpressive the nut butter selection really was — there were added sugars, preservatives, palm oil, etc… AND they didn’t even taste good. No thanks! So she started making her own! Rachel used this almond butter as wedding favors at her wedding, which then became a business after the requests of many. Revival Food Co is now known for its addictive, indulgent, almond butters that have real flavor, real texture, and nothing added to them that don’t do something incredible for the body! Rachel now lives in Indianapolis with her husband, dog (Champ), two little boys (Jonny & Ben), and a little girl on the way!



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