It’s day #whoknows of quarantine, and if you’re anything like me, you might be feeling a little antsy by now, perhaps struck with a special case of wanderlust. As an adventurous enneagram 7, lockdown certainly has me feeling a little out of sorts, but I’ve found a temporary solution that invigorates new inspiration into my routine: ADVENTURES IN FOOD!

The whole Lil Bucks brand is inspired by a food adventure in Australia, and I believe food adventures have the power to transport us to wherever we want to go. Obviously my sprouted buckwheat obsession and the market need for more buckwheat products inspired this business, but personally, when I was moving back from Australia I wanted to bring a piece of this awesome culture with me to share with my loved ones and beyond.

An adventure in food can be anything from learning to perfect an empanada at home to simply refreshing your dinnerware to breathe new life into your dish. In the photo above, I simply had my standard yogurt bowl with Matcha Lil Bucks in a papaya boat with a tropical spoon, rather than just a regular bowl. It really upped the vibes for the rest of the day!

Here are some other ideas of travel-inspired adventures in food to keep your head in the clouds, in the best way possible. ✈️✈️✈️

  1. New Orleans – master gumbo or a crawfish boil
  2. Bali – vibrant plant-based lunch (see KYND)
  3. India – anything with Diaspora spices and their recipes. HI
  4. Northeast U.S.A. – lobster/crab boil!
  5. Australia – smoothie bowls! hehe. Or share your DREAM AVO TOAST recipe. (@elsas_wholesomelife for inspo)
  6. Korea / Japan: Ramen
  7. Mexico – make your own tortillas… or perfect the spicy marg 😉
  8. Argentina – empanadas
  9. Italy – make your own pasta!
  10. Portugal – try making a pastel de nata

What travel-inspired dish would you make?! Let me know in the comments–I can always use more ideas!

Emily, founder

P.S. – we were actually just featured on Asweatlife’s podcast where I share some of my recent food adventures–and fails. Enjoy!

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