Beautiful post by our brand ambassador Britt @joyfullforgood

Normally the first day of June is full of excitement for a long-awaited summer and all the good vibes that come with it. 2020 looks a little different. These are strange and difficult times but also incredibly important times. If you’re reading this you have the power to be part of positive CHANGE we so badly need. We can all do better so I hope you can take some of this isolated time to ask those tough questions, do the work, donate if you can, support your community and activate change.

Reflecting on my own business, we shared on Instagram this past Friday how Lil Bucks will do better to promote inclusivity in the wellness space and as a business. We need change in our country’s systems but also within our communities. I wanted to share some of the women and organizations we found that would be great to support as a community.

We listed six below, but this is a TINY number compared to all the incredible women and orgs we are inspired by. Normally I wouldn’t promote obsessively scrolling your Instagram feed into oblivion, but my hope is you follow these women and dive into the rabbit hole of powerful Black women and communities, and are inspired to support them moving forward.

1. Nicole Cardoza / The Wellness of We
Nicole is amazing. Leading up The Wellness of We, her Instagram and workshop provide incredible anti-racism and wellness inclusivity resources. Sign up for her anti-racism newsletter here. This is a great way to stay informed and continue doing the inner work and community work to enact change long after the protests.

2. The Loveland Foundation / Rachel Cargle
This organization provides resources for communities of color, with a particular focus on Black women and girls.  Started by Rachel Cargle in response to her widely successful birthday wish fundraiser, Therapy for Black Women and Girls, the Loveland Foundation makes it possible for Black women to receive therapy and support for their healing and empowerment. DONATE HERE

3. Black Girl In Om / Lauren Ash
Lauren Ash wasn’t seeing any women of color in her yoga classes, so she started the conversation and created a space where women of color can breathe easy. Subscribe to their newsletter here, listen to their latest Spotify playlist here, and follow here.

4. Lalah Delia
The author, spiritual writer, wellness educator might need no introduction, but she is incredible. If you don’t know, now ya know. You can buy her book or sign up for her course here and follow on instagram here

5. @blackgirlswithgardens 
This is a “multicultural home & garden resource providing representation, support, inspiration, & education for black women creating green spaces.” This account has all the positive vibes and is so fun to follow and learn from!

6. BLK+GRN Natural Marketplace
Their Insta feed is nothing short of inspo, but also their marketplace is AMAZING! Vetted, natural and organic products from Black producers and Black-owned businesses. Shop here.