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Regenerative Food Systems Investment Forum- Denver RECAP!

Posted on November 01 2022, By: Emily Griffith

 Three women behind the sourcing of sunflowers, kerza and buckwheat from the Regenerative Farm - A Frame Farm in Minnesota

Last week Emily went to the Regenerative Food Systems Investment Forum conference in Denver(quite a mouthful). We learned SO MUCH and connected with 300 other trailblazers working the MOST uphill battle to heal our food system. From farmers (ones that could peel away from the actual farmwork!), agriculture financers, big food businesses like General Mills, and other emerging regenerative brands--like Wonderlab Doozy plant-based ice cream, Alec's Ice Cream, Patagonia, Simple Mills, and more!!

We have a long way to go, but damn we are fired up and inspired to be taking these extra efforts to support farmers that are healing our land. It's a really complicated problem we're trying to solve, and it's a BIG problem. We only have about 55 harvests left farming in the current practices before we completely deplete our soil for good. We have everything working against us... such as the government (not everyone in it), consumers' mindsets expecting cheap food, supply chain BS, greenwashing brands, and the planet getting hotter... but we left doubling down on our commitment and even just found a regenerative organic maple syrup supplier to support too!

Y'ALL to prove that regen food is LEGIT--Em, who used to be full vegetarian and doesn't really eat red meat or dairy, tried beef MEATBALLS and FULL-DAIRY ice cream at the happy hour and felt amazing! So if there's anywhere to try beef/dairy she figured the regenerative food conference is the place to do it--the most sustainably sourced, clean meat/dairy possible. Pretty cool!

We are excited to share more developments here soon too. Let us know any questions on regenerative or what you don't understand or want to know more about; we're happy to be your resource!

The ladies behind the sourcing of sunflowers, kerza and buckwheat from A Frame Farm in Minnesota -- Simple Mills, Patagonia and Lil Bucks!


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