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Carob Tahini Fudge Bars

Posted on January 26 2022, By: Emily Griffith

Carob Tahini Fudge Bars

You should 100000% eat dessert first. We don’t make the rules. But also not mad about it when dessert consists of these delicious Carob Tahini Fudge Bars!

These are super simple to make, but super deluxe. They’re reminiscent of this raw fudge cafe in Bali–peak LUXURY, and all you need is a food processor and a freezer and boom.

Long story short: You’re first going to blend up the cashews in a food processor, then adding in the soaked dates. Then you’ll put mixture to a bowl and mix in the rest of the ingredients! Once you’ve mixed it really well add it to an 8X8 pan and place in the freezer for a couple of hours. Store in the fridge and enjoy! Mmmmm.

Thank you to Anna @gratitudeandfood for this insane recipe!



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