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Danielle's Creamy Greens with Lil Bucks

Posted on January 27 2022, By: Emily Griffith

Danielle's Creamy Greens with Lil Bucks

Your greens have never tasted nor looked this good! Danielle’s creamy green smoothie will make you whisk you way into a deep kale dream that you will never want to leave!

You’re going to blend the super power mixture of kale, coconut cream, frozen Japanese sweet potato frozen chopped pear, frozen zucchini slices, maca, Blue majik, vanilla protein, frozen mint and BAM! You have yourself the best tasting green smoothie you’ve ever had!! The sweetness of the fruit, mixed with the nutrient rich veggies, with the added vanilla protein will have you GLOWING!

Now put on some T Swift in the background and enjoy!! I hope this is an illicit foodie affair you won’t be able to recover from!



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