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Danielle's No-Bake Matcha Bars

Posted on January 26 2022, By: Emily Griffith

Danielle's No-Bake Matcha Bars

Trust us when we say Matcha Lil Bucks mixed with coconut, oats, and maple syrup will truly change your foodie life!!!! This gourmet protein bar will satisfy your sweet tooth while also keeping you full and focused throughout your day!

First things first, you must pit your 5 dates and then blend them into a paste using a food processor. Once you have done that, you will then add all of your other ingredients into the processor as well! And then BLEND BLEND BLEND it all together!

Once you have blended everything together in the food processor, you will then press the mixture into a parchment-lined baking dish! Next you’re going to decide how thick you want the bars to be- make sure they are the same size throughout for consistency! Last, but certainly not least, you will add some Lil Bucks on top and then put everything into the freezer for an hour! BING BANG BOOM you have yourself some No-Bake Matcha Bars!



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