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Danielle's Mushroom Lil Bucks "Chorizo" Tacos

Posted on February 17 2022, By: Emily Griffith

Danielle's Mushroom Lil Bucks "Chorizo" Tacos

I never thought I’d see the day when my favorite ingredient (sprouted buckwheat) was combined with my favorite dish (tacos), but my gosh, Danielle of @cacaoforcoconuts_ DID IT! Her recipe is absolutely genius, using the sprouted buckwheat seeds for some texture in the vegan taco “meat.”

The best part is that you can have these simple tacos ready to go in 15 minutes! The chorizo is the star here, and then we enjoy the tacos simple with cilantro, avo and lime, but you’re welcome to add your own taco goodies.

To make the chorizo, you pulse the mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, and spices. Then mix in Lil Bucks (use Original here for sure) and heat up just for 2 minutes on stovetop, and your taco filling is ready to go!

Then you can set up your taco station and you’re ready to go! Pro tip: My fiance likes frying the tortilla shells in some avocado oil so they get a little crispy. Adds a bit of fat but if you’re feelin’ wild try it. 😜

Please comment below if you made it or have any adjustments. I’d love to hear your spin on it and how you liked it!

💙 Emily



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